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Valentine’s Day Cards in Spanish

Inside: Valentine’s Day cards in Spanish for Kids. These cards are perfect to give out as cards in the classroom, or for loved-ones at home!

With love in the air, and Valentine’s Day near, use these Valentine’s Day cards in Spanish as a fun, educational activity for your kid!

Some of my favorite childhood school memories revolve around Valentine’s Day. I loved picking out the cutest Valentine’s Day cards, adding some sweets, and passing them out to all of my classroom friends. I always made sure my secret crush got a Reeses 😉

This Valentine’s Day, I am excited for Lennox to experience that same holiday joy! Since we only speak Spanish at home, I thought it would be a cute idea to make Valentine’s Day cards in Spanish that we can practice with at home, and I want to share them with you today!

Keep reading to see how to use your free Valentine’s Day cards in Spanish and how to get them!

Valentine's Day Cards in Spanish

What to do with these Valentine’s Day cards in Spanish?

These cards are perfect for the Spanish classroom, but they can also be an educational activity to do right from home. Here are some ideas.

First, boost your Valentine’s Day vocabulary with these free Valentine’s Day flashcards in Spanish. You can access the flashcards through our free printable library once you subscribe at the end of this post.

Next, go through and read each card in Spanish. For words that you and your child don’t know, write them down. Doing this will help with vocabulary memorization. It is one of the best ways that I learned Spanish over the years.

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Try to imagine what the unknown words might be by the context of the sentence. Doing this will help with understanding Spanish syntax.

Third, look up the unknown words and memorize them with your child!

Next, help your child fill out the cards. For younger children, this will promote writing skills and letter writing.

A in Spanish is to, and de means from. To whom will your child decide to give each card?

At last, once your child has filled out the cards, she can hand them out!

Lennox is in preschool so he can distribute these printable letters in Spanish to his friends. However, with virtual learning still in play, you could take a picture with a phone and send the card as a text message or e-mail. You might just inspire your friends and family to start learning a little Spanish themselves! You never know!

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How to get your Valentine’s Day cards in Spanish:

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Thank you so much, and enjoy your printables!

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Valentine's Day Cards in Spanish

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