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Valentine’s Day Word Scramble Printable in Spanish

Have some Valentine’s Day fun with this Valentine’s Day word scramble printable in Spanish!

This activity is perfect for those who want to brush up on their Spanish vocabulary or for Spanish-speaking families who want to add a little bit of fun to their Valentine’s Day celebration.

The Valentine’s Day word scramble printable in Spanish includes 11 Valentine’s Day-related words that have been jumbled up. Your task is to unscramble the words and write them correctly on the lines provided. The words range from simple ones like “besos” (kisses) to more challenging ones like “tarjeta” (card). This activity is not only fun, but it’s also a great way to improve your Spanish vocabulary.

Keep reading to learn how to get your Valentine’s Day word scramble printable in Spanish now!

Unleash the charm of Valentine's Day with our captivating Spanish Word Scramble Printable! Dive into a delightful challenge as you decipher love-themed words in Spanish. Perfect for classrooms, family gatherings, or romantic evenings. Spread love and laughter with this engaging activity! Download now and add a touch of romance to your celebrations. #ValentinesDay #SpanishActivity #LovePuzzles #PrintableFun #RomanticGames

Benefits of word scrambles

Word scrambles offer several benefits for individuals of all ages.

First, they promote cognitive development by requiring critical thinking, problem-solving, and mental flexibility.

Second, word scrambles enhance vocabulary and language skills as individuals decipher and rearrange letters to form meaningful words.

Third, they provide entertainment and engagement, making them a fun activity for individuals or groups.

Fourth, word scrambles can serve as educational tools to reinforce spelling and vocabulary lessons.

Finally, they offer relaxation and stress relief, allowing individuals to unwind and divert their attention from daily worries.

Overall, word scrambles are beneficial for mental stimulation, language learning, and an enjoyable pastime.

Valentine’s Day Word Scramble Printable

Valentine’s Day word scramble printable is a fun and engaging activity where the letters of Valentine’s Day-related words are rearranged, and participants need to unscramble them to find the correct words.

It’s a great way to challenge and entertain kids and adults alike during the Valentine’s Day celebrations.

Words included in Valentine’s Day Word Scramble

Included in this word scramble are 11 jumbled words with a Valentine’s Day theme to unscramble.

All of the words are inspired by my 20 Valentine’s Day Flashcards in Spanish. For younger children, I recommend printing off the cards and letting them use them as a visual example.

Included in this printable is a “clave de respuestas” or answer key, however, I will post them here for you to glance at what words are included.

Words to unscramble:


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Tips to use Valentine’s Day word scramble

Before engaging in this word scramble activity, it can be beneficial to familiarize children with the Valentine’s Day vocabulary words in Spanish.

There are various enjoyable ways to do this, such as exploring Valentine’s Day-themed picture books in Spanish or incorporating the words into other engaging activities like a Valentine’s Day-themed I Spy game or coloring pages.

Additionally, a Valentine’s Day bingo in Spanish can provide an interactive and entertaining opportunity to reinforce the vocabulary. By incorporating these activities, children can have fun while expanding their Spanish language skills and building their Valentine’s Day vocabulary.

This word scramble printable comes with two pages, the actual word scramble and the answer key.

For younger children, I recommend placing my set of 20 Valentine’s Day Flashcards in Spanish on the blackboard or around the room.

For more advanced children, give them a certain amount of time to complete the sheet before revealing the words they couldn’t figure out.

To make this activity even more fun, set a timer from 3-5 minutes and see which students or family members can figure out the words in the time allotted.

Will someone figure out all the words on the list?

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Materials Needed for Valentine’s Day Word Scramble

Add a sprinkle of romance to your Valentine's Day celebrations with our Spanish Word Scramble Printable! Unscramble love-themed words like 'abrazo' and 'besos' for a fun and educational activity. Perfect for couples looking for a cozy night in or teachers planning a classroom activity. Download now and spread the love

Let’s do a quick run-through of the coloring needs for this Valentine’s Day word scramble printable. Preparing for this activity is super easy. 

All you need to do is download it instantly, which you can grab in my Free Printable Spanish Library after subscribing at the end of this post.

  • 8.5 x 11 printer paper or card stock
  • A printer to print out the PDF file.
  • Writing utensils such as a box of crayons, colored pencils markers or even watercolor paints!
  • Your child!


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Enjoy this Valentine’s Day word scramble printable. Did you students figure out all the words? Or did they need to use the answer key?


Indulge in some Valentine's Day fun with our Spanish Word Scramble Printable! Unravel love-themed puzzles with your sweetheart or enjoy a playful activity with friends and family. Perfect for adding a touch of romance to your celebrations. Download now and spread the love! #ValentinesDay #Spanish #Printable #LovePuzzles