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Groundhog Day Color by Number Printables for Kids in Spanish

These Groundhog day color by number printables for kids in Spanish will be a great activity to do in your classroom on February 2nd!

Each page features a theme related to Groundhog Day, including marmotas (groundhogs) as well as a winter and spring weather scene!

These number printables are the perfect activity for Kindergarten students and are also great for preschoolers, Pre-K, and all young Spanish learners. 

Keep reading to explore the many benefits of this color by number activity, or skip all the hassle and get your Groundhog Day color by number printables by clicking the button below. 

Discover bilingual fun with our Groundhog Day Color by Number in Spanish! 🎨🔢 Explore numbers in Spanish while learning more about Groundhog Day. Engage in a colorful learning adventure for kids! 🌈 #SpanishLearning #GroundhogDay #BilingualKids

Groundhog Day Themed Worksheets: MATH SKILLS

These Groundhog Day coloring pages provide a delightful way to engage your students in practicing their math skills. 

They serve as an excellent resource for fostering number recognition and understanding number sequences. 

Perfect for both classroom activities and independent learning at home, young kids and old, let’s explore what’s included:

There are six different pages included in this kit. Each will work on a different set of numbers. Here are the numbers included on each sheet:

  • Page 1 works on the numbers 1 through 10.
  • Page 2 works on the numbers 11-19.
  • Page 3 works on the numbers 5-55 in intervals of fives.
  • Page 4 works on the numbers 2-18 in intervals of 2. 
  • Page 5 ranges from 10-60 in intervals of tens.
  • Lastly, page 6 works with numbers selected at random. 

This set of Groundhog Day printables cater to various numerical ranges, making learning enjoyable and comprehensive. 

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COLOR BY NUMBER Groundhog Day PAGES: Color word recognition

This activity is designed to assist kids of all ages with color recognition in Spanish. If your little ones are just starting to learn the color words in Spanish, I recommend printing a copy of my color flashcards in Spanish.

Review the color flashcards with your students beforehand. For additional assistance, you can display them nearby as a reference when completing these color by number worksheets in Spanish. As students work on their color by number worksheets, they can identify the color names by referring to the set of color flashcards, aiding them in coloring the new pictures.

What colors are included in this Groundhog Day color by number book? These Groundhog color by number pages feature a select few colors, some of them advacned. Let’s explore the different colors included in these coloring pages.

CelesteLight blue
Café claroLight brown
Verde limónLime green
Blanco White

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These delightful coloring pages not only facilitate math learning through number recognition but also serve as an excellent way for young children to enhance their fine motor skills.

As they color tiny sections of these adorable Groundhog Day color by number pages, your little ones will engage in an enjoyable activity that contributes to their motor skill development.

Additionally, younger kids will sharpen their hand-eye coordination as they observe and identify the various numbers hidden within the pages.

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What art supplies will you need?

We recommend using a variety of art supplies for our color-by-code worksheets. While markers are our go-to, for a more immersive art experience, consider using watercolor paints. It creates a fun and artistic painting experience for your budding artists! They’ll be delighted with their gorgeous artwork!

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Utilizing Spanish Groundhog Day Color by Number coloring pages can be a valuable tool for helping children learn Spanish vocabulary associated with the holiday. This is particularly beneficial for bilingual children or those learning Spanish as a second language.

Encourage children to engage in conversation by prompting them to identify the different parts in the picture. Here are some fun words you can introduce to them:

  • Marmota – Groundhog
  • Sombra – Shadow
  • Invierno – Winter
  • Primavera – Spring
  • Número – Number
  • Colores – Colors
  • Pintar – To paint
  • Colorear – To color
  • Números Aleatorios – Random Numbers
  • Intervalos – Intervals


In addition to developing math and fine motor skills, this fun activity is a wonderful way to nurture mindfulness. Engage your child in independent work as they utilize their coloring skills to fill in the mystery pictures.

This activity encourages young children to practice patience as they navigate through and complete the hidden pictures in this number coloring book. Observe how your child becomes absorbed in the process of learning different numbers, selecting the correct colors, and expressing their creativity on these Groundhog Day color-by-number worksheets.

What a fun way to learn!

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Dive into a bilingual learning experience with our engaging Groundhog Day Color by Number in Spanish activity! 🎨🔢 Uncover the world of numbers in Spanish while exploring the fascinating traditions of Groundhog Day. This delightful coloring adventure not only enhances language skills but also provides insights into the cultural celebration of el Día de la Marmota. Make learning colorful and fun for kids! 🌈 #SpanishLearning #GroundhogDay #BilingualEducation


This is a great activity to use in your math centers, for independent seat work or even to send home as math homework. Let’s check out a few tips on how to use these printables in the classroom.

To begin, download the coloring worksheets and print multiple copies of the color-by-number activity for each student. Start by introducing the color flashcards or writing basic Spanish color words on the board.

Proceed to work through one coloring sheet at a time as a group. Identify the various Spanish numbers on the sheet together. Quietly fill in the correct numbers with the corresponding colors and observe if everyone colors in the correct numbers. Utilize my number flashcards in Spanish as a refresher before beginning. 

Once your students grasp the activity, distribute different sheets to them, allowing them to try the activity in small groups or individually. Circulate around the room, encouraging students to converse and practice in Spanish to foster language fluency.

Early finishers can do multiple coloring sheets.

It will be fascinating to observe how each child utilizes their drawing skills to color these pages in their unique way.

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Groundhog Day Color by Number in Spanish: Explore numbers in Spanish while learning more about el Día de la Marmota!

Let’s quickly go through the coloring needs for this enjoyable Groundhog Day activity. Preparing for this activity is super easy. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Download the Printable PDF File:
    • You can get it in my Etsy or TPT Shop.
    • Once you purchase you just print & go!
  • Paper:
    • 8.5 x 11 printer paper or card stock.
  • Printer:
    • A printer to print out the PDF file.
  • Coloring Utensils:
    • Crayons, colored pencils, markers, or even watercolor paints – choose based on your preference.
  • Your Child!
    • Their participation is key to making this back-to-school coloring activity a delightful experience.

GET YOUR Groundhog coloring pages now!

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We hope you enjoy these number code sheets. It is the perfect way to prepare for early spring after many long weeks of winter. 



Unleash bilingual excitement with our engaging Groundhog Day Color by Number in Spanish! 🎨🔢 Dive into the world of numbers in Spanish while discovering fascinating insights about Groundhog Day. This interactive and colorful learning adventure is perfect for kids, adding a touch of language exploration to the festivities! 🌈✨ #SpanishLearning #GroundhogDay #BilingualKids #EducationalActivities