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8 Color by Number Unicorn Coloring Pages for Kids (Available in English and Spanish)

If your children are unicorn lovers, then they will love these 8 color by number unicorn coloring pages.

Kids of all ages will have hours of fun with these color by code mystery pictures with 8 different unicorn scenes to fill in. 

Even better yet, these coloring pages are available in English AND Spanish! 

This post will go more in depth about the benefits of the Spanish printables, since this is a bilingual blog, however, your students will get the same benefits if they are working with the English version of these printables!

What are you waiting for, let’s get coloring!

Keep reading for more information about these color by number unicorn coloring pages and how to purchase yours today.

If you want to skip the information about these printables and purchase your flowers coloring pages you can do so here:

Purchase unicorn color by number pages in English

Purchase Unicorn color by number pages in Spanish

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Bring these fun color by number worksheets in into your preschool, pre-K or Kindergarten classrooms and get your students working on number recognition and number sequences.

These color by number resources will make for a great activity during math centers for independent work!

There are eight different pages in both the English and Spanish color by number kit.

Each will work on a different set of numbers. Here are the numbers included on each sheet:

  • Page 1 works on the numbers 1 through 8.
  • Page 2 works on the numbers 9-18.
  • Page 3 works on the numbers 10-100 in intervals of tens.
  • Page 4 works on the numbers 5-50 in intervals of fives. 
  • Page 5 ranges from 2-20 in intervals of two.
  • Page 6 works on numbers 20-38 in intervals of twos.
  • Page 7 works on numbers 3-30 in intervals of 3.
  • Lastly, page 8 includes numbers selected at random.

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UNICORN COLOR BY NUMBERS: Color word recognition

Unlike in my St. Patrick’s Day color by number pages in Spanish where the color code is represented by a crayon, these car color by number worksheets are a little bit trickier.

Instead of the crayon, it has the color word in Spanish. 


This will help your little with color recognition in Spanish (or English, if this is the version you choose.)

If your littles are new to learning the color words in Spanish, I recommend printing off a copy of my color flashcards in Spanish.

You can review it with your students beforehand. For more help, you can hang or put them near your students as a guide when completing these color by number worksheets in Spanish.

While working on their color by number worksheets, they can identify the color word by browsing through the set of color flashcards. This will help them color in the new pictures.

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What colors come in these unicorn color by number worksheets? 

These unicorn color by number pages are a little bit more advanced that some of my other color by number pages that have only a few basic colors in each page.

In these unicorn coloring pages, you will find more colors on each page and there are also new colors added to the basic vocabulary set. Those are rosado pálido (light pink) and celeste (light blue.)

Let’s check out what other colors come in these coloring pages.

Blanco White
Rosado pálidoLight pink
CelesteLight blue

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Not only will your littles learn math by working on number recognition, but these worksheets are also a great way for little children to strengthen their fine motor skills as they color tiny sections of the unicorn mystery pictures found in these pages. 

Young children will also work their hand-eye coordination as they look and identify the different numbers found in the hidden pages. 

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What art supplies will you need?

We like to use a variety of art supplies when working with our color by code worksheets. 

Our go to is markers, but when we really want to get in the art zone, I will whip out the watercolor paints and we will go to town.

It creates a fun painting experience for your master artist! 

They will be so pleased with their gorgeous artwork!

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Watch as through each different art supply, your children use a different muscle in their little hands. 


Furthermore, in these worksheets your children will get extra practice with their fall Spanish vocabulary as they reveal the hidden pictures.

Ask them to identify the parts in the picture.

Here are some fun words you can introduce them to in these colorful unicorn scenes:

El unicornioUnicorn
El arcoírisRainbow
La estrellaStar
El corazónHeart
El solThe sun
El cuerno del unicornioThe unicorn’s horn
El heladoIce cream
La moñaHair bow

To get more practice with vocabulary, check out some of the following books in Spanish about unicorns!

Soy un unicornio

By Mallory Loehr

This is the perfect unicorn book for children ages 2-5. It describes and explains the wonder of unicorns and all of their magical traits. 

Cómo atrapar a un unicornio

By Adam Wallace

Come along to trap the unicorn of the rainbow with this brand new release by Adam Wallace. 

Diario de un Unicornio

By Rebecca Elliott

This book is one of many in an early reader magical series about unicorns!

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Furthermore, encourage your students to learn their color words in Spanish too. Also included in the Free Spanish printable library upon subscribing is a set of basic color flashcards in Spanish. These might be useful too!


Along with math and fine motor skills, these unicorn color by number printables in Spanish will be a great mindfulness activity for your child as they do some independent work and use their coloring skills to fill in the mystery pictures.

They will also practice patience and they go through and complete the hidden picture. 

Watch as your child tunes in with learning the different numbers and selects the correct color and colors away on these unicorn color by number worksheets.

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First download the unicorn worksheets and print off several copies of the color by number activity for each student. 

The best way is to start by introducing the color flashcards to your students, or by writing the basic Spanish color words on the board.

Then, work through one coloring sheet at a time and together as a group. Go through and identify the different Spanish numbers on the sheet.

Together go through and quietly fill in the correct colors. Let’s see if everyone’s color on the number sheets look the same!

Once your students get the hang of how the activity works, you can then hand out different sheets to the students and let them try the activity in small groups or individually. 

Go around the room and encourage the students to keep conversations and practice all in Spanish to get the minority language flowing.

It will be interesting to see how each child uses their drawing skills to color these pages in their own way.

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Let’s do a quick run through of the coloring needs for these unicorn color by number printables.

Preparing for this activity is super easy. All you need to do is download the printable PDF file which you can grab in my Etsy or TPT Shop.


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I hope your children enjoy this fun unicorn coloring book.

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