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20 Spring Vocabulary Flashcards in Spanish (Free Printable)

Inside: 20 Free Printable PDF Spring Vocabulary Flashcards in Spanish. These spring flashcards in Spanish are perfect for kids, beginner Spanish learners, and adults to use in the classroom or simply at home!

Flashcards are a great way to learn languages. There are so many ways different that you can use flashcards in a fun and interactive way to learn Spanish!

I can personally say that flashcards played an important role when I was learning Spanish!

Now that the beautiful weather is starting to peak through the dreary clouds, I wanted to make some spring flashcards in Spanish to boost you, your children, or students’ Spanish vocabulary! They will also complement the FREE Easter flashcards and printable activities in Spanish and the Free Easter Scavenger hunt in Spanish too!

Keep reading to get a sneak peek of these beautiful spring flash cards in Spanish and to discover different ways to use these flashcards to learn Spanish this spring!

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Spring Flashcards in Spanish

What  Words Come in the Free 20 Free Spring Flashcards in Spanish?

Below is a list of the the 20 words that come with these 20 Free Spring flashcards in Spanish!

  • Spring | La primavera 
  • Sun | El sol
  • Rain | La lluvia
  • Wind| El viento 
  • Umbrella | El paraguas |
  • Rain boots | Las botas de lluvia 
  • Raincoat | El impermeable 
  • Rainbow | El arco iris 
  • Puddle | El charco 
  • Tulip |El tulipán 
  • Ant | La hormiga 
  • Ladybug | La mariquita 
  • Caterpillar | La oruga 
  • Butterfly | La mariposa 
  • Bee | La abeja 
  • Worm | El gusano
  • Bird | El pájaro
  • Nest | El nido
  • Turtle | La tortuga
  • Frog | La rana

Ways you can use these Spring Flashcards in Spanish

There are so many fun ways you can use and reuse these spring flashcards in Spanish. 

First and foremost, I recommend laminating them with these self-adhesive laminating sheets. This way you can protect them and use them more than once! Then, you can print them off, cut them out and laminate them. Finally, you can use them in some fun ways like the ways I will list below!

  • One of my favorite activities is to print off two sets and use them as a memory game. This activity is perfect for younger children to practice language development and memorization skills to connect the spoken word to the image. Make sure every time you flip over a card, you say the name of what’s on it!
  • Another fun activity is sorting. For instance, you could sort these spring flashcards  by animals/insects, weather, and clothing objects/ accessories.
  • You could also play a fun game by having your child stand on the opposite side of the room as you, or even better outside. First, shuffle the flashcards. Then, lift a flashcard and show your child. Lastly, if they guess it right, they can take a step or hop forward! If they mess up, a step backward! Will they make it to where you are?
  • You could play a bilingual game and say the version in English. Have your child repeat it in Spanish and vice versa.
  • You could place the flashcards face up on a table and see how fast your child can recognize the word.
  • Play Slapjack by placing all of the flashcards face down on a table. Say a word on the list and have your child flip the cards over until they find the correct card.
  • Lastly, you could cut the cards in half and use them as puzzles by having your child match the words and images with their correct halves.

How to get your free spring flashcards in Spanish?

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In the meantime, let me know your thoughts about these printables in the comments below. If they are a success, I plan on expanding to create more themes such as animals, shapes, colors and more.

Additional Spring Resources in Spanish

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20 Free Printable PDF Spring Vocabulary Flashcards in Spanish . These spring flashcards in Spanish are perfect for kids, beginner Spanish learners, and adults to use in the classroom or simply at home!