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18+ Best Easter Books in Spanish for Children

Are you on the lookout for a charming addition to your child’s Easter basket? How about an Easter picture book in Spanish?

Today, I’m thrilled to share 18+ fantastic Easter books in Spanish with you. These picture books are ideal for toddlers, preschoolers, kindergarteners, and any beginner Spanish learner!

Whether you incorporate them into classroom activities, enjoy them at home, use them for outdoor circle reading, or include them in bedtime stories, these books are guaranteed to infuse young readers with the joyful spirit of springtime. Dive into these delightful tales and enjoy the journey!

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Dive into a diverse selection of over 18 Easter-themed books in Spanish crafted specifically for kids, offering a rich tapestry of tales to celebrate the holiday with joy, wonder, and cultural richness. From charming narratives to enlightening stories, these books provide an immersive experience that not only entertains but also educates, making them perfect companions for this special time of year.

1. Hop! Hop!/¡Salto! ¡Salto!

By: Leslie Patricelli

This is the perfect bilingual book for babies and toddlers. You child will learn about Easter festivities and all of the fun Easter colors.

2. The Baby Chicks Are Singing/Los Pollitos Dicen

By: Ashley Wolff

Another great bilingual book. Learn the fun Spanish cantico “Los pollitos dicen”. To hear how the tune goes, click here.

3. Sopa de zanahoria

By: John Segal

This is one of our favorite finds from the library. It is a cute story of a little rabbit that goes to collect his carrots. Somehow they went missing. Who could have stolen his carrots? 

Our favorite!!!
Sopa De Zanahoria / Carrot Soup (Spanish Edition)
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4. Chickwick el regalo de Pascua

By: Alice Curtis

Read about Chickwick, a beloved pet and how much happiness he brings to everyone he meets.

5. Huevos verdes con jamón

By: Dr. Seuss

Who doesn’t love a classic Dr. Seuss book. How about one in Spanish. It might not be Easter-themed, but it talks about one of the most important parts of a child’s Easter; los huevos. Add in some rhyme for fun memorization.

6. Salta y corre, Conejito

by: Cottage Door Press

A fun interactive and rhyming story about a bunny, its bird friends and Easter eggs! A great book to learn about action verbs.

7. ¿Dónde está mi huevo de Pascua?

By: Harriet Ziefert

In this book, your child can help Nicky, the cat find his Easter eggs.

8. Saltarín y el conejo de Pascua

By: Marcus Pfister and Katherin Siegenthaler

Saltarín desires to be the Easter bunny. Find out how his journey goes in this beautiful book.

Easter Picture Books in Spanish for Kids

9. El conejito andarín

By: Margaret Wise Brown

Uh oh, a runaway bunny, with a sad mama. A book with a beautiful moral of the story.

10. Tambor encuentra un huevito

By: Laura Driscoll

A bilingual book about Thumper and his discovery with a bright blue egg.

11. ABC con Nico

By: Begona Oro

In this humorous book, Follow Nico throughout his day and how his naughty little adventures come to an end.

12. La canasta pascual de Dora

By: Sarah Willson

Dora and Boots go on a hunt to find Easter eggs, and when they do, they find eggs with a special prize.

13. La Pascua es un regalo de Dios

By: Lisa Tawn Bergen

“Join Ositia and her family in ‘La Pascua es un regalo de Dios’ for a heartfelt religious tale centered around Easter.”

14. Soy un conejito

By: Ole Risom

Experience the timeless Easter tale of the adorable bunny Nicholas, now available in a bilingual version for double the enjoyment!

15. Date prisa, ve despacio

By: Layn Marlow

Enjoy a playful twist on the classic tortoise and hare story in Spanish, reminding us that speed isn’t always the key to victory!

16. Pájaro Amarillo

By: Olga de Dios Ruiz

Discover the importance of sharing and caring for our planet through an engaging story.”

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17. Erizo y Conejo. El susto del viento

By: Pablo Albo

Join Hedgehog and Rabbit as they delight in munching on cabbages and searching for snails in their serene garden. However, when a frightening, swirling wind appears, the duo must summon their courage to confront their fears head-on.”

18. ¡Conejos, conejos y más conejos!

By: Lorna Scobie

Experience the story of the only rabbit child who suddenly has to share their world when their parents bring unexpected news. How will this little rabbit navigate the changes ahead in this heartwarming tale of family and friendship?

I hope you enjoyed this list of adorable Easter picture books in Spanish. Drop me a comment below letting me know which book you think your child will love! Don’t forget to get your free children’s Easter activities in Spanish!



Easter Picture Books in Spanish