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Curio Book Box Review: Embark on a Bilingual Adventure!

This post is sponsored by Curio. All opinions are 100% my own, and I would never recommend a product that I did not love. This post does contain affiliate links and ads.

Lennox and I are absolutely thrilled! Why, you ask? Well, this week, we were delighted to receive a Curio Spanish subscription box in the mail. And if you’re familiar with us, you know we adore a good book – or three!

Join us as I delve into what treasures arrived in our box and why you should consider subscribing to get your own box today!

Embark on a bilingual adventure with Curio Book Box! Discover captivating stories, engaging activities, and authentic language immersion for your little ones. Subscribe now for a world of literary treasures delivered to your doorstep. #CurioBookBox #BilingualReading #ChildrensBooks


Curio is a curated book club for bilingual littles. Currently, it offers selections in three languages–Spanish, French and Chinese– with plans to expand its linguistic repertoire soon!

With each language option, there are two different types of book box subscriptions; the Bud Box and the Sprout Box. The Bud Box caters to newborn to four-year-olds, featuring three picture or board books alongside reading guides and audio read-alongs.

On the other hand, the Sprout Box is designed for children aged four and up. It includes three picture books, reading guides, audio read-alongs and printable activities, enriching the reading experience for older bilingual learners.

All the books included in the Curio book boxes are presented in the target language, aimed at enhancing your bilingual learners’ proficiency in their specific language of focus.

What’s even better yet is that all of the books in the Spanish subscriptions are sourced from Spain and various Latin American countries, providing a rich tapestry of linguistic and cultural diversity.
And to put the cherry on the top, Curio offers a Spanish newborn box for all the bebé bilingüitos out there, ensuring a bilingual start from the very beginning.

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If you are interested in learning more details about the diverse Curio book box subscriptions, head over to their website, for a comprehensive overview. 

Now, let’s dive into what treasures we discovered in our Sprout Box. 


Curio generously gifted us the Sprout Box, perfectly suited for Lennox, who is now seven years old (time flies!). Inside, we discovered three delightful books, a set of printables, and additional surprises!

Alongside each book, Curio offers a Reading Guide Plan, which outlines the story’s structure and the lessons it conveys. This plan includes a list of important glossary words and follow-up questions. What’s more, the Reading Guide Plan is available in both English and Spanish, facilitating comprehension and engagement for bilingual learners and instructors.

Below are the three books we received in our Book Box, each with a brief introduction:

Historia de una nube

“Historia de una nube” by Eleonora Garriga, illustrated by Ana Gómez, tells the tale of a little cloud embarking on a quest for answers. It ponders questions about conformity, individuality, and the notion of superiority among different ways of being.

This narrative delves deeply into the theme of diversity, emphasizing the importance of embracing differences, resisting the pressure to conform to societal norms, and promoting self-love.

Through this book, your bilingual learners will not only encounter a wealth of new vocabulary but also be introduced to the unique linguistic tone of “vos,” characteristic of Argentine Spanish.

La escalera roja 

La escalera roja” by Fernando Pérez Hernando revolves around a charming little bird who relies on a ladder to navigate his world. When he loses his ladder and feels disheartened, he encounters a friend who reminds him that he possesses wings, rendering the ladder unnecessary.

This heartwarming tale underscores themes of friendship and courage. With its simple and repetitive sentences, it serves as excellent practice material for beginner readers.

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¡Yo no fui! 

¡Yo no fui!” by Paula Vásquez, set in Chile, follows the story of Mr. Rabbit who misplaces his glasses. Throughout the day, he diligently investigates by following different tracks to interrogate three suspects: a dog, a cat, and a squirrel. Each suspect offers an alibi, explaining their whereabouts that morning and why they don’t possess Mr. Rabbit’s glasses.

This endearing tale, with its repetitive structure, captivates bilingual children and imparts the valuable lesson of not hastily jumping to conclusions without concrete evidence.

In addition to the three books, our Curio Book Box also included some entertaining printables. Among them were a sopa de letras (word search), an I-Spy activity, and a color-by-number page, accompanied by an adorable folder to keep them organized.

As a bonus, we received a My Chinese Zodiac calendar poster, which Lennox is thrilled to hang on his wall, adding a touch of cultural curiosity to his space.

Final Thoughts

Lennox’s eyes lit up with excitement as he unwrapped the three new books from the Curio Book Box. A devoted little bookworm, he’s always on the lookout for fresh Spanish literature on the shelves of our public library. 

Embark on a bilingual adventure with Curio Book Box! Discover captivating stories, engaging activities, and authentic language immersion for your little ones. Subscribe now for a world of literary treasures delivered to your doorstep. #CurioBookBox #BilingualReading #ChildrensBooks

Among the treasures, “¡Yo no fui!” captured his attention most with its engaging storyline. His curiosity for words was piqued by the repetitive phrases, and he delighted in predicting the responses of each animal as they defended their innocence in Mr. Rabbit’s case.

We are now huge advocates of the Curio Book Box subscription. It not only saves us the hassle of scouring shelves for new Spanish books but also ensures that the selections are authentic and engaging, rather than mere translations. Plus, the convenience of doorstep delivery adds an extra layer of delight to the experience. It’s a win-win situation that has undoubtedly earned our enthusiastic support.

In conclusion, our experience with the Curio Book Box has been nothing short of delightful. From the thoughtfully curated selection of books that captivated Lennox’s imagination to the engaging printables that added an extra layer of fun and learning, every aspect of the box exceeded our expectations. The emphasis on bilingualism, diverse storytelling, and educational resources truly sets Curio apart.

We’re grateful for the opportunity to expand Lennox’s literary horizons while embracing cultural diversity and fostering a love for reading. We eagerly anticipate our next adventure with Curio and highly recommend it to other families seeking enriching bilingual experiences for their children.

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Dive into a world of bilingual adventure with Curio Book Box! Discover captivating stories, engaging activities, and cultural treasures for young readers. Join the journey today