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Letter O Printable Activities in Spanish

Four FREE letter O printable activities in Spanish for children ages 3-6. These activities are perfect for the classroom or fun at home!

If you have been patiently awaiting this my Spanish letters of the alphabet series to progress, then you might be waiting for the letter K!

However, since I have been researching a bit more about reading and writing readiness for kids in Spanish, I realized I was doing things a bit wrong. 

While letter recognition is necessary for learning to read and write, it is not required to recognize all of the letter before moving on to syllables.

Most workbooks begin teaching children vowels and then work with the consonants (starting with the most commonly used consonants first) concurrently with the vowels.

With that said, before I continue making these letter printables in Spanish in alphabetical order, let me get the vowels out!

Keep reading to read what comes in this letter O printable workbook in Spanish and how to get yours today!

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Letter O Alphabet Printables in Spanish for Preschoolers

What comes in this letter O printables in Spanish kit?

You will receive a fun, four-page printable workbook for your child to practice the letter O in Spanish.

Page 1 is a practice writing an uppercase and lowercase letter O. O es de oso, a fun word starting with the letter O that just might become one of your child’s first words they learn how to read!

At the top of this page is a list of all of the vowels recognition for your children to look at with a focus on the letter O!

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Letter O printables in Spanish

Page 2 is a counting and writing page. 

Ask your child to count they number of osos on the page.

Then, have them write the correct number (4) of bears in the allocated spot. If they don’t know how to write their numbers yet, don’t push it! 

Simply guide them and let them see how you write the letter 4! 

*Remember, letters and numbers are super intimidating! Pressuring or hurrying your child might discourage them from working with letters at all. So be gentle and patient.

Once your child has counted how many osos, have them write an O for each oso, so four letter Os! If they need more practice, allow them to retrace the Os on the first page.

Lastly, if you child has more attention span then mine, they might enjoy coloring the cuatro ositos.

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Letter O Alphabet Printables in Spanish for Preschoolers

Page 3 is a O in action page.

On this page, you will find three Spanish verbs that start with the letter O, oler, oír, and observar

Now, it might be too soon to talk about what a verb is, but you can talk about the act of seeing, hearing, and smelling. 

Next, ask your child to tell you what she hears. Then, write it down. Then, ask your child what she sees and what she smells again.

 Always write down her answers slowly so she can see you write. Children learn a lot just through Observing adults!

Letter O Alphabet Printables in Spanish for Preschoolers

Lastly, page 4 is a fine motor, counting and letter O recognition worksheet.

First, read the sentence at the top of the page with your child.

Did they understand the sentence, if not talk about words they might not know and help them comprehend the short text.

Next, have them circle all of the Os in the sentence.

Once they have found all of the Os in the sentence, have them count the number of Os there are (there are 8) and help them write the number on the line.

Now they they understand the text, found all of the Os and counted them, your child is ready to carry out the task of getting the Osito to the olla de miel.

Letter O Alphabet Printables in Spanish for Preschoolers

How to get your letter O printables in Spanish?

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I hope you and your child enjoy these free letter O printables in Spanish. Stay tuned for letter U coming out next! Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram and Facebook for daily bilingual parenting tips and updates on new printables!

Letter O Alphabet Printables in Spanish for Preschoolers