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Baby Led Weaning Scares

Choking was one of my biggest fears upon starting the baby led weaning process. I remember before learning about BLW, one of my close friends who has a little girl a month older than Lennox, gave her six-month-old daughter a whole piece of steamed broccoli. I was in disbelief! How was she so comfortable giving her infant an entire piece of cooked broccoli? She’s going to choke for f*%*s sake.

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What is Baby Led Weaning and Why is it Worth It?

First things first, the word weaning is misleading. It does not mean the elimination of breastmilk/formula but rather the addition of solid foods to your already established milk schedule. Traditional weaning is when you supplement your baby with puréed foods and gradually advance to solid foods as your baby develops. In most cases, the purees are fed to the baby by a parent or guardian. Baby led weaning, on the other hand, is weaning LED by the baby. Read more here.

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