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Letter H Printables in Spanish

Inside: four FREE letter H printable activities in Spanish for children ages 3-6. These activities are perfect for the classroom or for fun at home! You can subscribe to get your FREE printable activities at the end of this post!

Today I am bringing you FOUR fun-filled letter H printables in Spanish that you can do with your child!

These letter printable activities are an excellent resource for familiarizing your kids or students with letters and preparing them for their literacy journey.

These free printable H activities in Spanish are geared towards children ages 3-6, but they can also be a great resource for the beginning Spanish learner of any age!

Keep reading to see what comes in this free printable kit, but first, let’s learn how to pronounce the letter H in Spanish!

Letter H Printables in Spanish

Pronunciation of the letter H in Spanish

In most cases, the letter H in Spanish is silent. 

  • Hogar
  • Hábito
  • Habitación
  • Hambre

In some cases, the letter H form a digraph or a combination of two letters to produce one sound. 

When the letter H is preceded by the letter C, it forms the sound Ch, such as the word chair in English. 

For second language learners, where English is the first language, this can present some difficulties because CH in English can take on different forms. 

You can have a hard Ch such as charger, or a soft Ch, such as chef, which is pronounced like /shef/.

In Spanish, the digraph CH always produces a hard sound. 

Below are a list of words that have ch:

  • Chica
  • Cheque
  • Charla
  • Chicharrón- two CHs in one!

The Spanish Academy refers to the letter H as the “Silent Helper.” Check out their blog post on the pronunciation of the letter H in Spanish. They offer a more in-depth description for when you come across H in different scenarios!

Here is a list of entertaining YouTube videos for children that teach about the Letter H!

Below are some great YouTube videos that can help reinforce the letter H with your kids!

What comes in this letter H printables in Spanish kit?

You will receive a fun, four-page printable workbook for your child to practice the letter H in Spanish in this packet.

This workbook is the perfect head start for preschoolers and kindergarteners, and it is excellent literary practice for the school-aged child.

Page 1 is a practice writing an uppercase and lowercase letter H. It also serves as a coloring page with two animals that start with the letter H; la hormiga y el hipopótamo.

Letter H Printables in Spanish for Kids

Page 2 is a cut the letter H page to work on children’s fine motor with scissors.

Letter H Printables in Spanish

Page 3 is a circle of all the Hs in the sentence.

Use this page to work on literary and comprehension skills by sounding out the sentences’ words and piecing together their meaning. Use the picture for assistance!

For words that your child does not know, place them in the section below called palabras desconocidas and then look them up together. Add these to your running vocabulary list to practice throughout the week!

Don’t forget to circle all of the Hs! Then, color the picture at the end!

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Letter H Printables in Spanish

Page 4 is an I-Spy veo, veo worksheet. How many uppercase (mayúscula) and lowercase (minúscula) Hs can your child find?

Have your child use a purple crayon or marker to fill in the uppercase and a yellow marker for the lowercase. 

Then, once they have found all of the Hs, have them use their math skills to count how many uppercase and lowercase Gs there are!

Letter H Printables in Spanish- I Spy

How to get your free letter h printables in Spanish?

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Let me know in the comments below what you think about these printables. If they are a success, I plan on expanding to create more themes such as animals, shapes, colors and more.