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25+ Summer Worksheet Preschool Activities to Keep Learning Alive this Summer

Beat the summer slide with these 25+ summer worksheet preschool activities.

Designed specifically for young children, these engaging and educational preschool printables cover a wide range of summer themes that will improve your child’s fine motor, prewriting, and math skills. 

From captivating coloring pages to stimulating fine motor activities and even summer printables in Spanish, this collection has the perfect printable to cater to your child’s individual needs and interests!

Once you find the right summer worksheet preschool activity for your child, check out some fun play-based outdoor activities you can do at the bottom of the page!

23+ Summer Worksheet Preschool Activities

Summer Worksheet Preschool Activities

Ready for some summer fun learning? In this first section of summer worksheet preschool activities you can find math worksheets, summer tracing worksheets and more to get those littler learners in gear this summer season. 

1. Bug Hunt Fortune Tellers Printables

Engage and educate your little ones about the fascinating world of bugs this summer with our captivating and free printable bug cootie catcher, providing hours of entertainment while fostering learning and curiosity.

This interactive activity is the perfect way to keep them busy and actively engaged in a fun and educational exploration of insects.

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2. Printable Summer Scavenger Hunt

This exciting and educational printable scavenger hunt is the perfect summer activity to channel your children’s energy, offering them a thrilling adventure while promoting learning and engagement. With no additional preparation required, simply print the materials and let the fun begin!

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3. Beach scavenger hunt

Enhance their beach experience with the little ones by downloading and printing a free printable beach scavenger hunt, providing a zero-prep, fun-filled game for preschoolers to enjoy during their beach visit.

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4. Sounds of Nature Scavenger Hunt

A FREE printable PDF sounds of nature scavenger hunt in Spanish and English. A fun way to get your kiddos outdoors and in touch with nature

Get outdoors and listening this summer with this sounds of nature scavenger hunt printable! Tune in with nature to discover different sounds you might hear. Will you hear a fly buzz, a dog bark, or maybe the wind blow? 

Even better, this FREE sounds of nature scavenger hunt is in SPANISH too!

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5. Beach Tracing Worksheets

These beach tracing printables are a great way to teach children about the different things they might find at the beach while also working on their fine motor skills and handwriting.

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6. Tracing Lines Worksheets for Summer Preschool Learning

Tracing lines is an activity that’s great for developing fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. It also helps with shape recognition and formation as well as figuring out just how your hands and muscles work when you’re drawing.

This activity is perfect for those hot summer days when you don’t want to spend too much time outside in the heat.

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Unleash the joy of learning this summer with our Pinterest collection of 23+ engaging preschool activities! From outdoor games and nature exploration to themed crafts and sensory play, our carefully curated worksheets offer endless fun and educational opportunities.

7. Ice Cream Cone Play Dough Mats

Set up your own ice cream shop pretend play with this fun printable playdough ice cream mat activity.

Little ones can keep busy squeezing and rolling the playdough to create toppings and fun designs for their ice creams and popsicles.

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8. Ice Cream Cutting Activity Pages

These pages are great for fine motor skills development and hand-eye coordination. Just print them out and let your child try them out with some child-safe scissors.

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9. Summer Counting Mats

You can use counting mats for them to do their own math and add up the shapes on each mat. It’s not only a great way for them to learn how to count, but it is something different and more exciting than doing school work.

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10. Summer I Spy Printable

Take counting practice to the next level with our exciting I spy sheet, offering a delightful and engaging activity for kids.

Enhance their numeracy skills as they enjoy the thrill of hunting for objects, simply by printing the sheet and challenging them to find as many as they can. Spark their curiosity and make learning enjoyable with this interactive and educational resource.

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11. Popsicle I Spy Game

Indulge your child’s love for popsicles while enhancing their counting skills with these delightful popsicle-themed I spy game. Watch as they eagerly search and count the vibrant assortment of colored popsicles, making learning a joyful experience.

This interactive and engaging activity is sure to captivate their attention while developing their numeracy abilities.

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12. Jellyfish Worksheets for Kids

Nurture letter recognition, handwriting skills, and scissor proficiency in kids with these captivating jellyfish worksheets.

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13. Fun Pirate Activities 

Packed with engaging activities, including fun-filled letters and numbers exercises, this free resource is the perfect tool to ignite children’s imagination and foster their early learning skills.

With a variety of exciting activities to choose from, children will embark on an educational journey filled with treasure hunts, decoding challenges, and interactive puzzles. Dive into this pirate-themed pack and watch as little learners sail towards knowledge and enjoyment.

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14. Summer coloring pages

Make the best of the summer break with these free Summer Coloring Pages for kids! They are the perfect activities for your preschooler or kindergartener on a road trip or camping holiday.

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15. Summer Coloring Pages

Summer Worksheet Preschool

On those rainy summer days, spend a little time exploring your creative side with these free printable summer coloring pages. All you need is a printer and some inexpensive printer paper.

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16. Summer Color by Number

Summer Worksheet Preschool

Embark on a vibrant learning journey with these engaging summer color by number sheets, designed to teach children about colors and numbers in a fun and interactive way.

These delightful worksheets combine the excitement of coloring with the challenge of number recognition, allowing kids to exercise their creativity while reinforcing their numerical skills.

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17. Summer Dot Marker Printables

Summer Worksheet Preschool

These summer dot markers printables are so much fun. They’re perfect to set up whenever you need to stay inside and cool down from the summer heat!

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18. Printable Ice Cream Craft

If your preschooler is a craftaholic, then they will love this printable ice cream craft where they can practice their cutting and fine motor skills!

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19. Sun Printables for Toddlers

If you are looking to keep your little ones engaged and entertained this summer, why not try out one of these 23 sun activities for toddlers.

If you are looking to do a sun printable activity this summer, check out one of these 23 sun activities.

From sensory activities, to literacy activities and fun crafts, get ready to make the most of your summer days with these easy peasy simple sun crafts for toddlers. 

Go to the 23+ sun activities for toddlers>>>>

Summer WORKSHEET PRESCHOOL ACTIVITIES in Spanish for the little language learners

In this next section, I will include free educational activities in Spanish! If you are raising a little bilingual child, the following summer-themed worksheets are here to help your child learn some summer vocabulary in Spanish!

20. Summer Word Scramble in Spanish

Summer Word Scramble Printable in Spanish

Have some summer fun with our summer word scramble printable in Spanish! 

Challenge your students and children’s mind as you unravel the letters to form summer-related words in Spanish.

This activity is perfect for kids and adults alike looking to practice their Spanish vocabulary. 

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21. Summer Maze Printables

Summer Maze Printable in Spanish

Download and print off this simple maze activity and bring it on your next summer vacation.

Children can use these mazes as entertainment as they figure out how to escape. They can also learn some new summer themed words in Spanish as they color in the Spanish titles at the top! Among those titles you can find:

  • El sol de verano | Summer Sun
  • La paleta | Popsicle 
  • El castillo de arena | Sandcastle

Get your summer maze printables in Spanish>>>>>

22. Summer I Spy Free Printable Worksheets in Spanish

Summer I Spy Free Printable in Spanish

These printables are a great quiet activity to get your child counting del uno al diez and speaking in Spanish. 

Say adiós to the screens and lazy summer days, and hello to these educational game sheets. 

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23. 10 Color by Number Printable Summer Worksheets in Spanish

These 10 color by number printable summer worksheets in Spanish will be fun way to get your students prepared for the upcoming summer break.

Included, there are ten color by number worksheets each with a fun summer scene to color and practice number recognition in Spanish.

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24. Summer Coloring Pages in Spanish

5 Summer Coloring Pages in Spanish

This free printable coloring pages in Spanish with a summer theme are perfect for road trips or rainy days. These handcrafted coloring pages have beautiful designs to color from a beach ball, to watermelon, to a perfect sunny day at the beach. 

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25. Beach-Themed Vocabulary Flashcards in Spanish

Beach Vocabulary Flashcards in Spanish

Download and print of these free printables beach-themed flashcards in Spanish! You can use them in a variety of play-based to get your little learners learning Spanish.

They will learn their color words and learn how to count in Spanish.

Get your beach flashcards in Spanish

​Did you find some fun summer activities do do with your young learners? I sure hope so!!!! Check out some fun summer activities you can do with your preschoolers below!


Discover a treasure trove of engaging and creative preschool activities for the summer season on Pinterest! From sensory play ideas to arts and crafts, our curated collection of 23+ summer-themed worksheets will keep your little ones entertained and learning. Spark their imagination and help them develop essential skills while having a blast with these hands-on and educational activities