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St. Patrick’s Day Printables in Spanish

These St. Patrick’s Day activities are great for all ages and situations. Maybe you are raising a bilingual child and want to reinforce Spanish at home.

Or, you are a Spanish teacher looking to save yourself a few minutes of planning time. These will be great for the classroom, and you can save yourself a couple minutes of planning time.

Or, maybe you are an adult who wants to learn Spanish. These activities are an excellent resource to learn new vocabulary and to be completely honest, I have learned a lot of Spanish doing and creating these kids’ activities. So get out the crayons and the creativity and subscribe below!!!

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Winter Printables in Spanish

In this kit, you will have access to four worksheets and 14 bilingual flashcards. The flashcards are great because you can use them as a memory game by printing off two sets, or you can use them as labels and play fun games such as sorting. They are also an excellent resource for adults to learn and practice Spanish alongside your child. Get creative with them!!! 

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