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13+ Spanish Halloween Worksheets & Resources for Spanish Teachers and Bilingual Parents!

Today I am excited to share a collection of Spanish Halloween worksheets and resources, designed for both classroom and Halloween use.

These are all printables that have been hand-crafted with love by me and have been tried and tested in my own bilingual home. 

While most of these resources are tailored to preschoolers and elementary-aged children, many can serve as engaging tools in any Spanish classroom setting. 

Enjoy exploring this diverse selection of 13 Spanish Halloween worksheets and resources. To discover how you can access these materials, please refer to the final section at the conclusion of this page.

"Unleash the Halloween fun in your Spanish lessons with our collection of 13+ engaging Spanish Halloween worksheets! From coloring pages to word tracing, these printables are perfect for both classrooms and bilingual homes. Elevate learning with a spooky twist! 🎃📚👻 #SpanishHalloweenWorksheets #BilingualEducation #HalloweenLearning"

1. Halloween Coloring Book 

Immerse your young learners in the enchanting world of Halloween through these educational Halloween Coloring Pages.

Each coloring sheet showcases delightfully simplistic Halloween items accompanied by their corresponding vocabulary word in Spanish. 

Free Activities to Learn Spanish with Your Child This Halloween

Specifically designed for preschoolers and pre-readers, these pages provide the perfect canvas for artistic expression while also introducing them to essential Halloween-related Spanish vocabulary. 

With engaging visuals and language enrichment seamlessly combined, these coloring pages offer a creative and immersive introduction to the festive spirit of Halloween in a bilingual context.

2. Halloween Flashcards in Spanish

Enhance your Halloween-themed teaching resources with our versatile Halloween Flashcards in Spanish. 

Accessible for printing and downloading, this set of 11 Halloween vocabulary flashcards serves as a dynamic addition to your classroom activities. 

Halloween Printables for preschoolers

Whether you choose to engage your students in a memory-enhancing game, construct an interactive word wall, or stimulate cognitive skills through the engaging “what’s missing” activity, these flashcards provide a multitude of learning opportunities. 

With their vibrant imagery and corresponding Spanish vocabulary, these flashcards not only captivate young minds but also foster language acquisition and creative engagement. 

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3. Halloween Scavenger Hunt

Elevate the Halloween fun by organizing a thrilling Halloween Scavenger Hunt in Spanish (there is also an English version available for download as well.)

Halloween Scavenger Hunt in Spanish and English

Engage students in a captivating adventure as they search for hidden Halloween-themed treasures throughout the classroom or their surroundings. 

This activity not only enhances vocabulary acquisition but also encourages teamwork and critical thinking. 

Encourage your children to keep this activity in Spanish to foster play and language learning all at the same time!

What a fun activity to get into the Halloween spirit!

4. Halloween Word Tracing Worksheets

Spark language learning excitement with Halloween Word Tracing Worksheets. These sheets offer a hands-on approach to vocabulary enrichment, as students trace and practice writing Halloween-related words in Spanish.

Two Halloween word tracing worksheets in Spanish for preschoolers and kindergarteners This is a great literacy activity for beginner writers.

This activity provides an ideal opportunity for emerging writers to practice learning and writing new words, all while honing their fine motor skills.

5. Halloween Dot-to-Dot Printables

Unveil the mystery of Halloween imagery with Dot-to-Dot Printables in Spanish. These engaging activities combine numeracy and language learning as students connect dots to reveal Halloween-themed pictures. 

Halloween Dot-to-Dot Printable Worksheets in Spanish

Beyond the excitement of completing the images, students can practice counting and reinforce their knowledge of numbers in Spanish.

 This resource encourages students to follow instructions in the target language while enjoying the creative process.

6. Halloween Maze Worksheets in Spanish

Engage young children with a dose of Halloween-themed problem-solving through these Maze Worksheets in Spanish. 

4 Free Halloween Maze Worksheets in Spanish

Navigating through these mazes requires critical thinking, attention to detail, and following directions—all while reinforcing vocabulary in a fun context. 

As students find their way through the eerie twists and turns of the mazes, they’ll find themselves immersed in the language and captivated by the holiday spirit.

"Unleash the magic of Halloween in your Spanish lessons with our collection of 13+ captivating Spanish Halloween worksheets. From coloring pages to scavenger hunts, these printables are perfect for classrooms and homes alike. Elevate language learning while embracing the holiday spirit! 🎃📚🇪🇸 #SpanishHalloweenWorksheets #BilingualLearning #HalloweenInSpanish"

7. Halloween I Spy Worksheets in Spanish

Foster observation skills and language development with Halloween I Spy Worksheets in Spanish

Students will be enthralled by the challenge of spotting Halloween-related items in a vibrant and visually engaging setting. 

I Spy Halloween Worksheet in Spanish for Kids

This resource not only encourages vocabulary recognition but it is a great way to sharpen attention to detail and focus. 

By identifying objects in Spanish, students enhance their language abilities while indulging in the excitement of discovery.

8. Halloween Bingo in Spanish

Add a dash of excitement to your Spanish class with Halloween Bingo.
This timeless game gets a spooktacular makeover as students match 30 distinct vocabulary words—spanning from “black cat” to “haunted house”—with their corresponding images on the bingo cards.

30 Printable Halloween Bingo Cards in Spanish for Kids

By practicing listening skills and visual recognition in a game format, students solidify their knowledge of Halloween-related terms while having a blast. 

The interactive and competitive nature of Bingo keeps students engaged and enthusiastic about learning.

What a fun a spooky activity to do this noche de brujas!

9. Halloween Sight Word Coloring Pages

Combine the joy of coloring with the power of sight words using Halloween Sight Word Coloring Pages

These pages integrate reading and artistry, allowing students to color images while identifying and reading sight words in Spanish.

Halloween Color By Sight Word in Spanish [Free Printables]

By connecting visual cues with language, students enhance their word recognition skills while embracing the Halloween theme. 

This is a great activity for kindergarten and 1st grade students who are really diving into the world of reading. 

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10. Halloween Color by Number Pages in Spanish

Infuse numeracy and creativity with language learning through Halloween Color by Number Pages.

These pages offer a fun way to practice numbers and colors in Spanish while adding vibrant hues to Halloween-themed pictures. 

Halloween Color by Number for Kids in Spanish

Students decode the color-code and apply it to the images, reinforcing their understanding of numbers and colors within a festive context.

 This resource seamlessly merges numeracy and language skills in a visually appealing manner.

These would be super fun to do during your classroom Halloween party. 

11. Halloween Spanish Word Search

Engage students’ minds with Halloween-themed brain-teasers in Spanish through this Word Search Printable. 

This classic activity challenges students to find and circle 15 Halloween-related words hidden in a grid of letters. 

Free printable Halloween word search printable in Spanish for kids

As they search for terms in the target language, students improve their spelling, vocabulary, and pattern recognition skills. 

This resource encourages independent learning and vocabulary reinforcement in a captivating way.

It is the perfect activity for the beginning Spanish learner of all ages!

12. Halloween Books in Spanish for Kids

Open the door to a world of Halloween-themed stories and language immersion with Halloween Books in Spanish for Kids.

 These carefully selected books introduce young readers to enchanting tales that capture the essence of the holiday. 

By reading stories in Spanish, students expand their vocabulary, improve comprehension, and foster a love for reading. 

These books provide an opportunity for interactive learning, allowing educators to engage students through discussions and activities based on the stories.

13. Halloween Quotes in Spanish

Immerse students in the magic of Halloween through our collection of Halloween Quotes in Spanish. 

These quotes capture the essence of the holiday in every phrase, offering insights into the spooky, festive, and whimsical aspects of Halloween. 

Incorporating these quotes into lessons sparks discussions, prompts creative writing exercises, and enhances students’ understanding of cultural nuances in the Spanish language.

 This resource transforms language learning into a captivating journey through the heart of Halloween.


All of the following Spanish Halloween worksheets and printables have been crafted and compiled by me. The majority of the following printables are available for FREE in my Free Spanish Printable Library. This is where ALL of my FREE printables are located. 

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I trust you’ve discovered valuable resources to enrich your Spanish lesson plans this year. Be on the lookout for more exciting content, as I persist in crafting enjoyable and interactive printables to enhance your teaching experience! Happy Halloween!

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"Infuse the Halloween spirit into language learning with our collection of 13+ Spanish Halloween worksheets and resources. Perfect for educators and parents, these printables bring bilingual fun to the festive season. Engage young minds with captivating activities that encompass coloring, tracing, word games, and more. Explore the enchantment today! 🎃📚 #SpanishHalloweenWorksheets #BilingualLearning #HalloweenFun"