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St. Patrick’s Day Word Search Printable in Spanish [Free Printable]

Looking for a fun holiday activity to use in your classroom this March 17th? Why not download and print off this St. Patrick’s Day word search printable in Spanish freebie!

Whether it be in your classroom, or at home, your child or student will spend a good amount of time looking for the 15 words on this St Patricks Day word search printable in Spanish. 

In doing this fun indoor activity, your child will learn Spanish, have fun and avoid screen times! What a fun way to learn a language this March?

This printable St. Patrick’s Day sopa de palabras is the perfect activity for kids of all ages. Kindergarteners through high schoolers will enjoy this word search game in Spanish!

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s have some St. Patrick’s Day fun!

Head to the bottom of this blog post where you can subscribe and get your free printable in less than ten minutes! But first, stick around to see the benefits of word searches and what Spanish words your child will search for in this free printable St. Patrick’s Day word search in Spanish.

st patricks day word search printable in Spanish

Benefits of word search puzzles:

  • Help with word recognition

I enjoy making thematic word search printables because they aid children in word recognition. If they know the theme is winter, then that will help them tell the difference and learn to recognize new winter vocabulary in Spanish

  • Develop pattern recognition

This is important with learning Spanish spelling and phonetics. It helps recognize which letters follow which. 

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  • Introduce new vocabulary

This is super important when learning a foreign language. This is one of the reasons I plan to create a seasonal word search for every season. Word searches are fun and easy way to build Spanish vocabulary.

  • Enhances spelling skills

Spelling is slightly different in Spanish than English since Spanish is a phonetic language.

Word searches help the user discover the patterns of spelling in Spanish as they look for each word in the word search.

  • Works fine motor skills

In this fun activity, your littles will work their fine motor skills as the hold the pencil to circle the correct word they are looking for.  

  • Word searches are fun

Naturally, the most important way to learn is through having fun and I don’t know about you, but I always enjoyed myself a good word search growing up. They are a great way to have some holiday fun!

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Let’s take a peak at the fifteen hidden words that your child will find in this free printable St. Patrick’s Day word search in Spanish.

I took the words from a few of my previous St. Patrick’s day printables, such as this St. Patrick’s Day bingo in Spanish and the St. Patrick’s Day scavenger hunt.

Together with the St. Patricks Day flashcards in Spanish, these activities will help prep your child for the words found on this word search printable in Spanish.

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Below is the list of words that your child will find in this printable word search:

*OJO Accents and diaeresis are omitted in this printable to avoid giving away the location of the words in the word search.


*OJO Accents and diaeresis are intentionally omitted in this printable to prevent revealing the word search word locations.

st patricks day word search printable in Spanish

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While there are many more words that could be added to this St. Patrick’s Day word search printable in Spanish, I thought these 15 words would be useful and beneficial words to add to your students’ ongoing Spanish vocabulary.


Let’s do a quick run through of everything you are going to need for this fun word search puzzle in Spanish.

st patricks day word search printable in Spanish

Preparing for this activity is super easy. All you need to do is download the free printable PDF file which you can grab in my Free Spanish Printable Library after subscribing at the end of this email.

  • 8.5 x 11 white printer paper or white cardstock
  • A printer to print out this printable puzzle.
  • Coloring utensils such as crayons or markers
  • You might also want to use a dry erase pocket if you want to use and reuse this printable word search many times using dry erase markers.
  • Your child and good luck!


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I hope your children enjoy this free printable game at your holiday party. Stay tuned for more seasonal free printable word searches coming soon!


st patricks day word search printable in Spanish