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12+ Cinco de Mayo Printable Activities for Kids

Looking for printable activities and games to use in your classroom to celebrate Cinco de Mayo this year?

If so, in this post you can find a round up of 12 Cinco de Mayo printable activities for kids. Add these to your social studies lesson plans to teach your students more about this Mexican celebration.

I will start by sharing some fun Cinco de Mayo resources in Spanish for all of you wonderful Spanish teachers, dual language teachers and bilingual homeschoolers out there.

Then, I will continue with six more Cinco de Mayo printable options in English.

So, let’s get browsing through this list of 10 Cinco de Mayo printable activities for kids, but first, let me offer a brief history of Cinco de Mayo!!

12 + Cinco de Mayo Printables to use in your classroom or homeschool this Cino de Mayo


The Cinco de Mayo Mexican holiday is commonly mistaken as Mexico’s Independence Day, however, this is not the case.

Cinco de Mayo actually celebrates the Batalla de Puebla, which occurred on…. (can you guess the date?) May 5th 1862.

Let’s find out what this day is really about with a brief history below. 

After two wars, the Mexican War (1846-48) and the Reform War (1858-61), the Mexican government was heavily in debt with Europe. To make matters worse, Mexican President at the time, Benito Juarez, delayed interest payments for two years.

Spain, Britain and France were eager to hold Mexico accountable for the war debt so they headed to Veracruz, Mexico in December 1972 to collect.

While Spain and Britain negotiated a settlement for the debt, French forces led by Charles de Lorencez continued to March on with 7,000 soldiers to Mexico City with the interest of overthrowing the Mexican government and installing a regime that would benefit French interests.

Mexican president Juarez ordered General Ignacio Zaragoza soldiers to stop the advancement near the state of Puebla with an outnumbered army totaling between 2-5,000 soldiers.

On the fifth of May, or Cinco de Mayo, French Lorencez gathered his army and began an attack from the north side of Puebla.

The battle lasted from daybreak to sunset and Lorencez realized his superior French forces were losing more troops than the Mexican troops who were utilizing their knowledge of the terrain to defeat the French forces. The French forces ended up fleeing the battle.

The victory of the Mexican army against the French troops over the years became to represent a symbol of Mexican resistance and today, Mexicans and Mexican Americans hold an annual celebration of the Battle of Puebla known as Cinco de Mayo

The first knowledge of celebrating Cinco de Mayo here in the United States was in California in 1863.

In 2005, congress passed a resolution encouraging communities to recognize the historical significance of the holiday through learning a celebration of Mexican culture through food, drink, dance and music.

So, in honor of Cinco de Mayo, let’s celebrate this day with your students or children with some fun printable Cinco de Mayo activities.

¡Feliz Cinco de Mayo, amigos!

Cinco de Mayo Printable Activities in Spanish

Since my blog is centered around bilingualism and printable resources in Spanish for kids, I offer a variety of free resources centered around Cinco de Mayo that you can use at your next Cinco de Mayo party celebration, or as a print off to bring to restaurants to entertain your niños.

Let’s check out what Cinco de Mayo fun activities I offer in my Free Spanish Printable Library.

1. Cinco de Mayo Theme Bingo Free Printable in Spanish

30 Cinco de Mayo Bingo Cards Free Printable in Spanish

This Cinco de Mayo bingo free printable in Spanish is the perfect game for your Cinco de Mayo celebrations.

Likewise, it is a fun way to learn Spanish at home or in the classroom.

Play it in small groups or in large groups of up to 10. Preschoolers, young children and kids of all ages will love playing this fun game!

Get your Cinco de Mayo Bingo printable >>>>>>>

2. El Cinco de Mayo Color by Number Coloring pages in Spanish

Cinco de Mayo Color By Number Printables in Spanish

You students will love these fun and engaging Cinco de Mayo color by number worksheets in Spanish.

They are the perfect opportunity for students to learn their Spanish numbers, practice their fine motor skills and indulge in some mindful coloring as they reveal the Cinco de Mayo themed mystery picture.

They are a great way to celebrate and learn a little more about the history of Cinco de Mayo in the classroom or at home.

You might also be headed to a restaurant to celebrate and eat some yummy Mexican food. If so, these printables coloring pages will be perfect to entertain the littles at the table while they are waiting for their meal.

Get your Cinco de Mayo Color by Number Pages in Spanish>>>>

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3. Cinco de Mayo Word Search Free Printable in Spanish

cinco de mayo word search free printable

This printable Cinco de Mayo word search puzzle is the perfect activity for young kids of all ages. Kindergartners through high schoolers will enjoy this activity.

In this word search, you can find 15 words that celebrate Mexican heritage and highlight important words from the battle of Puebla. Among these words you can find food items, important dates and more.

Get your Cinco de Mayo Word Search Puzzle in Spanish>>>>>>

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Cinco de Mayo Printable Activities for Kids

Cinco de Mayo Printable Activities in English

5. Cinco de Mayo Coloring Pages

Cinco de Mayo Printable Activities for Kids

Coloring pages are fun for children of all ages. Enjoy a Cinco de Mayo celebration in the classroom and bring these 14 Cinco de Mayo coloring pages in for kids of all ages to decorate and share with their family and friends.

In these coloring pages you will find cute scenes such as a Mexican boy with his guitar, a piñata, a sombrero and more!

Get your 15 Cinco de Mayo coloring pages>>>>>>

6. Cinco de Mayo Word Search Puzzle

Cinco de Mayo Printable Activities for Kids

Use this Cinco de Mayo Word Search puzzle as supplement learning activity to learn more about Cinco de Mayo and what it represents. 

It contains 27 simple Spanish words relating to the history of Cinco de Mayo and how we celebrate it today. The words can be found by searching vertically, horizontally or diagonally.

Get your Cinco de Mayo Word Search Puzzle here >>>>>

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7. Cinco de Mayo Printable Pack

Cinco de Mayo Printable Activities for Kids

This Cinco de Mayo printable pack by Rock Your Homeschool includes two Cinco de Mayo coloring pages and four word puzzles!

You can use these printables to practice Cinco de Mayo vocabulary and to, learn about Mexican history and culture.

Get your Cinco de Mayo Printable Pack now>>>>>>

8. Cinco de Mayo Games

Cinco de Mayo Printable Activities for Kids

If you are looking for some fun cinco de Mayo games for your next party, Kim Schob has you covered.

In this kit you will receive five printable Cinco de Mayo games with answer sheets! Here are some of the games you will find:

Test your Spanish, The Price is Right, Scavenger Hunt, FIesta Feud and What’s Your Taco Name?

Get your Cinco de Mayo Games >>>>>>>>>

9. Make a Cactus Craft

If you are looking for a fun and easy craft to do in the classroom this Cinco de Mayo, why not create a cactus? 

Download the free cactus template and have your children color and decorate their cactus! What a fun way for young children to celebrate Cinco de Mayo.

Get your cactus template>>>>>

Mexican Flag Printables and Coloring Pages

If you are looking for a high-quality flag of Mexico printable to use to celebrate Cinco de Mayo this year, The Simpler Homeschooler can help you out with this easy print packet!

Get your Mexican Flag Printables and Coloring Pages>>>>>>

11. Color by Number Cinco de Mayo Pages

Here is another set of Cinco de Mayo color by number pages in English that you might enjoy.

Your children will learn so many skills from reading, fine motor, patience precision and creativity with these beautiful printables!

Get your color by number Cinco de Mayo Pages>>>>>

12. 7 Cinco de mayo coloring pages

Celebrate the vibrant spirit of this festive occasion with these delightful illustrations, each adorned with cute Spanish and bilingual titles such as “Fiesta like there’s not mañana,” “Feliz Cinco de Mayo,” and “Recordando la batalla de pueblo.”

Perfect for children of all ages, these coloring pages provide endless opportunities for creative expression. Whether using markers, crayons, or watercolor paints, kids will enjoy bringing these designs to life with their own colorful touch.

Get your Cinco de Mayo coloring pages>>>>>

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