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44+ Earth Day Printable Activities for Kids

Earth Day is nearing which is why in today’s post I want to share a round up of 42 + Earth Day printable activities for kids!

In these printables you can find a variety of fun activities, from crafts, to games and free printables to color, and they all are centered around ways that we can take care of our earth. 

Similarily, in this list, you can find a selection of Earth Day theme activities great for young kids and older kids to enjoy and have hours of learning fun.

I have separated these printables in the following categories, feel free to click a link below to jump to the category that you are searching for! I hope you find some fun ideas in this list of Earth day printables! Enjoy!

42+ Earth Day Printable Activities for Kids


If you are new to my blog, welcome! I write about raising bilingual children and I create free and paid printables in Spanish to use at home and in the classroom. 

Thus, in this first category, I want to share a few of my resources that your kiddos can use to learn a little more Spanish this Earth Day.

1. Bilingual Spanish and English Earth Day Flashcards 

Bilingual Earth Day Flashcards in Spanish and English

In honor of el Día de la Tierra, these Earth Day flashcards in Spanish are a fun and useful resource for teachers, parents, and students to learn and appreciate our beautiful planet. The flashcard kit comes with 23 bilingual flashcards with important words about our earth to teach in Spanish and English.

Get your bilingual Earth Day flashcards >>>>>

2. I Spy Earth Day Worksheet in Spanish

I Spy Earth Day Worksheet in Spanish for Kids

Put the bilingual Earth Day vocabulary words flashcards to the test with this fun I spy Earth Day worksheet in Spanish. Get your young children counting and learning about the planet earth.

Grab your I spy Earth Day Worksheet here>>>>>

3. Earth day color by number printable worksheets in Spanish

Earth Day Color by Number Printables in Spanish

These 6 Earth Day color by number printables in Spanish will be a fun way to get your students prepared for Earth Day this April 22nd!

Color by code are our favorite worksheets in our household!

In this set, there are 6 color by number worksheets each with a fun Earth Day scene to color and practice the numbers in Spanish.

Children of all ages will all enjoy these color by code mystery pictures with a fun Earth Day scene such as earth, seedlings and recycling!

What are you waiting for, let’s get coloring!

Grab your Earth Day color by number printables in Spanish here>>>>>

If you are looking for Earth Day Color by Numbers in English, check out some by these Earth Day Color by Number by Homeschooling Preschool

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In this next section you can find a variety of free Earth day printables and crafts to incorporate into your Earth Day lessons. I think here you will find the perfect Earth Day activity for little hands to enjoy!

4. Earth Day Activity Page

Earth Day Activity Page

If you are looking for a great classroom boredom buster, or even a fun activity to print out and take to a restaurant this Earth Day, then you can’t miss out on this Earth Day activity page. It includes brain teasers such as mazes, word searches and images to color in.

Grab your Earth Day activity page here >>>>

5. Earth Day Black Glue Craft- A Stunning Planet Earth Activity

Earth Day Craft

“Celebrate earth day on 22nd April by making a planet earth craft with the kids. Making this stunning earth day black glue craft whilst talking about our earth is a great way of introducing young children to the idea that our beautiful earth is very precious and we need to look after it.”

Grab your free earth printable template now>>>>>

6. Free Printable Earth Day Hat for Kids

Earth Day Hat

This free printable Earth Day hat craft for kids will be the perfect craft to bring into your classrooms to get your kiddos excited about saving the earth. 

Print it, cut it out and let your students embellish it with different craft items!

Get your Earth Day hat >>>>>

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7. Earth Day Q-Tip Painting

Try out this Earth Day Q-tip painting that will strengthen your child’s fine motor skills and spark discussions about geography, science and nature all while painting!

Get your Earth Day Q-tip painting>>>

8. Happy Earth/ Sad Earth Printable

Happy Sad Earth Day Craft

“If you’re looking for Earth day activities for kids, you’ll love this Happy Earth / Sad Earth printable! It involves coloring and cutting – two essential skills for preschoolers. 

It also includes an Earth Day worksheet designed to help kids learn how to make the Earth happy!”

Grab your printable happy earth/ sad earth >>>>>

9. Easy Marble Paint Preschool Earth Craft

Try a fun process art project with your kiddos this Earth day with a marble and a free printable Earth template. Have a fun and artistic time learning about Earth with this cool project!

Get your free Earth template and instructions >>>>

10. Spinning Paper Earth Craft

Earth Day Craft

Create a spinning paper earth using a printable template. This is a fun STEM craft you can make this Earth day to support learning about our planet.

Grab your free printable craft template now>>>>

11. Earth Day Playdough Mat Activity

Earth Day Play Dough Mat

Learn how to make your own playdough and get a bonus free recycling playdough mat to use with the kiddos this Earth day!

Get your playdough recipe and Earth Day playdough mat>>>>>

12. Make a Earth in Hand Craft for Kids

Make an Earth in hand craft with kids with their handprints and a free template to show just how much they love Earth!

Grab your free template>>>>

13. Sort your Recycling Worksheets

Help your kids learn how to sort recyclables with these sort your recycling worksheets.

Get your Sort Your Recycling Worksheets now>>>>

14. Earth Day Worksheets for Preschoolers

Homeschool Preschool has a Earth Day worksheet pack for preschoolers. In this kit you will find an Earth Day counting worksheet, a letter hunt, a fun puzzle, and much more!

Get your preschool Earth Day worksheets >>>>

15. Printable Earth Day Paper Chains

“Celebrate our planet on April 22 with the free printable Earth Day Paper Chains! They’re simple and fun to make, and best of all, you can recycle the decoration when you’ve finished using them!”

Get your free printable Earth Day paper chains

18. Earth Day Shape Matching Printables

Working on shapes with your preschoolers and kindergarteners? Why not try out these Earth Day shape matching printables that feature different shapes within Earth Day illustrations such as the earth, a compost bin, water drop and more.

Grab your Earth Day shape matching printables >>>>>

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If you are looking for a free coloring page for Earth Day, then check out some of the following links from awesome bloggers that have beautiful Earth Day coloring pages that you can use in your classroom. 

19. Free Earth Day Pledge and Coloring Sheet

Download this fun coloring page and Earth day pledge and get your children coloring and writing about how they are going to take better care of the Earth. 

Get your coloring page and pledge here>>>>>

20. Earth Day Zentangle

“Celebrate Earth Day at home or at school with this mindful and relaxing process art activity. Draw zentangle patterns onto our printable Earth template using colored markers or art supplies.”

Get your Earth Day Zentangle >>>>

21. Earth Day Coloring Sheets

Earth Day Coloring Pages

Check out these Earth Day coloring sheets with fun Earth Day themes and phrases on them that will encourage your students to take better care of the earth.

Grab your Earth Day coloring pages>>>>

22. Earth Day coloring Sheets

Need a fun Earth Day activity for kids? Here’s some awesome free Earth Day coloring sheets that will get your little ones taking about the importance of taking care of our planet. 

Get your coloring sheets>>>

23. Earth Day Coloring Pages in Chinese

Learn about key Earth Day terms in Chinese and print out these bilingual English/Chinese coloring pages that emphasize the three R’s of environmental protection: reduce, reuse and recycle.

Grab your bilingual Earth Day coloring pages >>>>

42+ Earth Day Printable Activities for Kids

24. Printable Earth Templates

“These paper globe templates come in small, medium, and large and are perfect for Earth day, learning about our planet, the solar system, or the letter E sounds. They can be added to your curriculum very easily and are perfect for crafting at home or in your classroom.”

Grab your printable Earth Templates >>>>>


In this section, you can find a variety of activities that will encourage and enhance literacy skills in children!

25. Earth Day Flip Book

Earth Day Mini Book

This free printable Earth Day mini-book is a creative way to get your kids to think and write about how they can help the earth. Using “I can” statements, your students will explain how they can reduce, reuse and recycle. 

Grab your Earth Day Flip Book >>>>>>

26. Printable Earth Day Acrostic Poem Templates

Earth Day Poem

Create an acrostic poem about the Earth with these free printable templates. 

What is an acrostic poem you might ask? It is a form of poetry where the first letter of each line is used to create a word, phrase or description!

Learn more about acrostic poems and get your free templates here>>>>>

27. Earth Day Color by Letter Coloring Pages

“Get your pre-k and kindergarten students excited for Earth Day with these fun, no-prep worksheets where they can practice letter recognition (uppercase and lowercase options), color words and fine motor skills while coloring pictures of our Earth, recycling symbol, trees, flowers and nature!”

Get your Earth Day color by letter coloring pages>>>>

28. Earth Day Picture and Word Tracing

Practice handwriting and fine motor skills with these Earth day themed printable which feature the earth and recycling symbols. You children can trace the words and the pictures, then color them in!

Get your Earth Day picture and word tracing >>>>>

29. Be Kind to Earth Day Kindness Pact

Use this printable kit to encourage taking care of the earth through reading and writing pacts that children can do to better our planet. 

Get your Earth Day Kindness pact >>>>>>

30. Earth Day Word Scramble

Earth Day Word Scramble

Learn about the earth with this printable pack that includes four different word scrambles with a variety of Earth themes. The themes include conservation, loving the earth, plants and animals!

What a fun, educational way to practice writing this Earth Day.

Grab your printable word scrambles now>>>>>

31. Earth Day Letter Search Activity

Earth Day Letter Find

Activities like this Earth Day letter search is a fun way for children to work on letter recognition and fine motor skills. 

While they work on the activity, you can talk about the Earth and how important it is for us to take care of our planet. 

Get your Earth Day letter search activity >>>>


In this next section you can find a list of fun printable games that you can incorporate into your lesson plans to make learning about this special day fun!

32. Printable Earth Day Game for Kids

Earth Day Game

This is a fun board game for kids of all ages that is similar to Snakes & Ladders, but instead of snakes and ladders there are arrows to follow.

Grab your Earth Day game >>>>>

33. Earth Day Bingo

Earth Day Bingo

Who doesn’t love playing the classic came of bingo? Print out this Earth Day bingo watch as your students laugh away as they fill up their Earth Day-themed bingo cards!

Grab your Earth Day Bingo >>>>>>

34. Earth Day Memory Matching Game

Earth Day Memory Game

Memory games are great for preschoolers and younger kids! In this kit, you will receive 12 different earth day themed images to print out and get memorizing!

Get your memory game printable>>>>>

35. Sounds of Nature Scavenger Hunt

A FREE printable PDF sounds of nature scavenger hunt in Spanish and English. A fun way to get your kiddos outdoors and in touch with nature

Go outside and have your children use their senses by listening and trying to find the different earthly sounds outside. Will they hear the wind blow? A owl hoot, or maybe a river run? This scavenger hunt is available in Spanish, too!

Get your Sounds of Nature scavenger hunt >>>>>>

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36. Backyard Bug Hunt

With this backyard bug scavenger hunt, kids will learn more about the benefits of insects while they get outdoors and get active!

Grab your Insect scavenger hunt >>>>>

This printable Earth Day word search puzzle is fun for all ages. Seek and find 20 earth day words in this fun game.

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Grab your Earth Day word search here>>>>>

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38. Earth Day Scavenger Hunt

Earth Day Scavenger Hunt

This free printable Earth Day Scavenger Hunt is an exciting and engaging way to connect with your children and celebrate our beautiful Earth! This educational activity uses many of our senses and is great for kids of all ages.

Grab your Earth Day Scavenger hunt here>>>>

39. Earth Day Themed I Spy Game for Kids

This Earth Day themed I spy game for kids is a great way to get kids excited about or interested in recycling and taking care of the Earth. It exposes them to common recycling symbols and tasks.

Grab your Earth Day I Spy>>>>

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40. Free Printable Edible Earth Day Board Game

Earth Day Game

This editable Earth Day board game is a lot of fun! Use it to teach sight words, letter recognition, letter sounds, math facts and more.

Get your free printable edible Earth Day board game >>>>>

41. Earth Day Mazes

“Download these free printable Earth Day Mazes for the whole family to find their way through and solve! There are six mazes of varying difficulty in this set of printables, so there will be a puzzle for everyone!”

Grab your Earth Day mazes

42. Earth Day Cootie Catcher

Earth Day Cootie Catcher

This open-and-go cootie catcher activity will get kids thinking about ways to take care of our planet plus it will get them up and moving!

Get your Earth Day cootie catcher >>>>

43. Happy Earth Vs. Sad Earth Sorting Activity

“Use this Earth Day sorting activity to teach kids about the environment, pollution, conservation and the different ways we can take care of our planet.”

Get your sorting activity here>>>>>

44. Printable Earth Day Jokes

Earth Day Jokes

Celebrate Earth Day with these cutesy jokes for kids!

Get your Earth Day jokes>>>>>>

45. Earth Day Coloring Pages in Spanish

10 engaging coloring pages with different Spanish titles, all designed to inspire children to go out and care for the Earth! 

Earth Day Coloring Pages in Spanish

Get your Earth Day Coloring Pages in Spanish>>>>

Well folks, that’s all for now. I hope you fund some fun Earth Day worksheets to use in the classroom or at home! Have a very happy Earth Day!


42+ Earth Day Printable Activities for Kids