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20 Downloadable Printable Shapes Flash Cards in Spanish [Freebie]

Working on shapes in your Spanish class? Teach your students las formas easily with these fantastic downloadable printable shapes flash cards in Spanish.

These flash cards are an excellent resource for preschoolers, kindergarten age kids and Spanish learners of all ages.

Keep reading to learn what shapes come in this flashcard set and fun ways to use these flashcards to help your students learn about las formas.

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Downloadable Printable Shapes Flash Cards in Spanish

How to say shapes in Spanish

Before we dive right into what shapes come in these printables, let’s learn how to say shapes in Spanish.

The word shape in Spanish is forma or figura.

Example sentences:

¿Qué forma es la rueda?

La rueda es un círculo

What shapes come in these downloadable printable Shapes Flash Cards in Spanish?

These colorful shapes flashcards come with 20 different shapes in Spanish.

The flashcards contain a graphic of the shape with the shape word in Spanish.

Included are 13 2D basic shapes flashcards and 7 3D shapes in Spanish.

Let’s take a look at Spanish shape names that come in this set of shapes flashcards.

El corazónHeart
El cuadradoSquare
La estrellaStar
El rectánguloRectangle
El óvaloOval
El triánguloTriangle
El círculoCircle
El diamanteDiamond
El pentágonoPentagon
El hexágonoHexagon
El heptágonoHeptagon
El octágonoOctagon
El semicírculoSemicircle
La espheraSphere
El cuboCube
El cilindroCylinder
El conoCone
El cuboideCuboid
El prisma triangularTriangular prism
El piramidePyramid

Materials needed for these Downloadable Printable Shape Flash Cards in Spanish

Downloadable Printable Shapes Flash Cards in Spanish

Simply print the downloadable printable shapes flash cards pdf file and you are ready to play and learn!

Ways to use these shape flashcards in Spanish

  • Play memory games

    Print out two sets of Spanish number flashcards. Cut out the cards and shuffle them up. Lay them face down on a surface. Take turns flipping over cards to find matching numbers.
  • Shape scavenger hunt

    A great way to learn the shapes is by playing a scavenger hunt. Below are two ways you can play a scavenger hunt at home or in your classroom today.

    Hide the shape of flashcards throughout your house, or classroom. Have your child take a basket, or bag, and go around the room to collect the shapes.

    Or, you could also draw a shape flashcard, and have your child go hunt for things around the house that are that particular shape. These will help young children learn the concept of shapes.

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  • Playdough shapes

    Provide playdough and have your child make similar shapes using the different flashcards as examples. 
  • Salt writing

    A salt writing tray is great prewriting practice for young kids.

    Pour some salt (or sand, sugar, flour, etc.) into a small tray. Shuffle the shape flashcards and put them face down. Have your child flip over a card and draw the shape in the sand using their pointer finger.

    To erase the shape, gently shake the tray. 
  • Car call-outs

    Keep a set of Spanish shape flashcards in the car. On your next car ride or road trip, draw from the printable cards and see if your child can find that shape outside of the car.
  • Musical shapes

    This is a great activity to learn the shapes in your classroom.

    Place the shapes in a circle around the room.

    Put on a song and have your children walk in a circle around the shapes. When the music stops, have your children find a shape to stand on. Go around the room and ask the children what shape they are standing on.

    Once they all repeat which number, remove a shape and see who is the last student standing.
  • Shape draw and cut

    Provide paper and scissors to your child. Draw a from the card from the free printable shapes flash cards set and have your child draw the shape on a piece of paper. Then, have them cut it out. Your child is learning languages, learning shapes and practicing fine motor cutting skills.
  • Shape patterns

    Select two to three shapes from the flashcards and create a pattern. Have your child continue that pattern on a piece of paper. 
  • Find the shapes in one of these shape books in Spanish:
  1. Formas (Babies Love) (Spanish Edition)
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  2. El pollo Pepe y las formas
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  3. My Shapes/ Mis Formas (Spanish and English Edition)
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  4. Cuauhtémoc: Shapes - Formas (English and Spanish Edition)
    Cuauhtémoc: Shapes - Formas (English and Spanish Edition)
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For best results, keep all of these activities in Spanish to encourage language use among your young learners.


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Downloadable Printable Shapes Flash Cards in Spanish